16. internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München 2001
Reihe: Europe in Shorts

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Europe in Shorts: Classic Documentaries

From its creation, a key objective of the European Coordination of Film Festivals has been to develop and strengthen cooperation between its members. And one of the more successful types of collaboration has been the organisation of touring film programmes which are available free to all member festivals. For instance, the first four editions of Europe in Shorts, a series of short film packages established in 1996, have toured over 60 festivals in at least 11 countries of the European Union.

With Classic Documentaries, the fifth in the series, participating festivals have decided to highlight an aspect of cinema, which had not been considered in previous editions of Europe in Shorts: the European film heritage. Most films in the third and fourth packages, The Sound of Shorts and Films for Children were fairly recent. Moreover they were all fiction or animation. It seemed therefore appropriate to focus on the documentary, at a time when several projects con-cer-ning the promotion and circulation of this film genre are being discussed within the Coordination.

The content of the programme Classic Documentaries certainly highlights the diversity of styles within the genre. Not least because of the long period covered (over 30 years) and the geographical differences (8 countries). There are also several major figures of the European film history, such as Joris Ivens, Marcel Carné, Henri Storck, Alain Tanner and Vittorio de Seta.

As usual with Europe in Shorts, the 20 festivals which participated in the selection, preferred short films with no or few dialogues, to make the pro-gramme more accessible to a larger audience across Europe. With the support of the European Commission, for each film, the non-commercial rights and two new prints could be acquired. The European Coordination of Film Festivals is also grateful to the following or-ga-ni-sations for their support in acquiring prints or rights, or both: Statens Filmcentral (Denmark), British Film Institute and Commissariat Général aux Relations Internationales de Belgique.

Coordination "Europe in Shorts 5 - Documentary Classics":
Miguel Dias, Festival Internacional de Curtas Metragens, Auditório Municipal - Praça da República, 4480 - 715 Vila do Conde Portugal, Tel. +351-252-248 469 / 252-545 516, Fax. +351-252 248 416
e-mail: festival@curtasmetragens.pt

European Coordination of Film Festivals
64 rue Philippe le Bon, Brüssel, Belgien
Tel. +32-2-280 1376, Fax. +32-2-230 9141, e-mail: cefc@skypro.be


Capriccio (Kurzfilm-Feature) VORTRAGSSAAL DER BIBLIOTHEK
Do. 3.5., 15:30
Contadini del mare (Kurzfilm-Feature) VORTRAGSSAAL DER BIBLIOTHEK
Do. 3.5., 15:30
Histoire du Soldat Inconnu (Kurzfilm-Feature) VORTRAGSSAAL DER BIBLIOTHEK
Do. 3.5., 15:30
Inflation (Kurzfilm-Feature) VORTRAGSSAAL DER BIBLIOTHEK
Do. 3.5., 15:30
En kluven varld (Kurzfilm-Feature) VORTRAGSSAAL DER BIBLIOTHEK
Do. 3.5., 15:30
Do. 3.5., 15:30
Nogent - Eldorado du dimanche (Kurzfilm-Feature) VORTRAGSSAAL DER BIBLIOTHEK
Do. 3.5., 15:30
Do. 3.5., 15:30
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