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18. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München

May 3 - May 10, 2003
Deadline: February 10, 2003

Entry Form for Films 2003
in PDF Format
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1. The 18th Munich International Documentary Film Festival is a forum for documentary films whose form and content are of outstanding merit.
It is held from May 3 - May 10, 2003.

2. The Festival program consists of the International Competition Program, the International Program, the video program "Aspects of Future ", the regional showcase "New Films from Bavaria ", and a retrospective either dedicated to a renowned documentary filmmaker (directing,camera,editing) or to a special field of production,defined historically,geographically or by a certain theme.

3. The International (Competition) Program is open to 35 mm and 16 mm copies only. Video formats are excluded. All themes are permitted. Films of less than 45 minutes running time will not participate in the competition.
Date of release from January 1,2002.
In order to be eligible for presentation in the International Program, films must never have been publicly screened in the region of Munich nor have been broadcasted by either ARD, ZDF or BR (German broadcasters).

4. The video section "Aspects of Future" is a platform for filmmakers from Asia, Latin America and Africa exclusively .All running times and themes are allowed. Date of release from January 1, 2002.

5. The regional showcase "New Films from Bavaria"aims at presenting new documentary film productions from Bavaria (also co-productions). It is imperative that the filmmakers live and work mainly in Bavaria.This section is open to 35 mm and 16 mm films and likewise to the video formats VHS, Super VHS, Beta and Digital Beta. There are no restrictions regarding running time and theme. Public screenings in Munich or broadcasting prior to the presentation at the festival are possible. Date of release from January 1, 2002.

6. Deadline for the entry of films: February 10, 2003. Those wishing to participate can enter their works for selection in the form of a video cassette (VHS). The cassette should be accompanied by the completed Festival official entry form. For all sections the festival direction is in charge of selecting the fi lms and sending out invitations to participate.

7. All films will be presented in their original version. German or English subtitles are recommended.

8. The prints of all films invited to participate are insured of their material value for the duration of their use by the festival. The insurance period begins with the registered arrival of the print at the festival in Munich and ends once it is handed over to either the air freight or shipping firm, the postal service or railroad for shipment back to the sender.
Prints must have arrived by the latest on April 22, 2003. Otherwise the insurance liability of prints arriving after this date is limited because entrance control of prints cannot be guaranteed.

9. A video cassette of all films accepted for the festival program should remain with the festival. It guarantees that these archive cassettes will be used for archive and preview purposes only. Video cassettes of all films not accepted will be returned only on request by mail within eight weeks after the end of the festival. They are not insured by the festival.

10. Transportation charges to Munich are the responsibility of the sender. Films will be returned by postal service or railroad within Europe and by air freight to non-European places. These charges are at the expense of the festival. Handling charges of shipping firms from destination airport to sender are, however, the responsibility of the sender.

11. A international jury will select the winning films and grant the following prizes to their directors: "The Singular Documentary Film " 2,500 EUR, the Documentary Film Award of the Bavarian Broadcast, 10,000 EUR. A German jury will decide about the Award of the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern for Bavarian productions, 5,000 EUR.

12. The festival direction will appoint the members of the international jury.

13. The mutual agreement to participate in the festival also signifies acceptance of the above regulations. For exceptions or in unspecified cases, the Festival direction reserves the right to make the final decision. In case of doubt, only the German version of the Regulations will be valid.

14. Exclusive legal venue shall be Munich.

Munich,August 2002

Mailing and shipping address:
Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival
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Entry Form for Films 2003
in PDF Format
(For reading and printing you need the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe)

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